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Night To Shine

“Glass Slipper Productions has been unbelievably generous to Seacoast Church for years by donating their services to the Luke 14 Celebration, which is a night of fun for exceptional kids and adults and their families. They seriously make our event amazing with their fun skit and dancing the night away with the guests! So blessed to serve with this group of caring individuals!- Kristie Hogeboom, Organizer.


Glass Slipper Productions is absolutely AMAZING! I held an event in honor of my mom a few months ago. She is battling with breast cancer, and I reached out to the owner Lindsay Page for her services at the event. She was the sweetest and totally went above and beyond. She donated 5 characters to come and be at my event! The characters were all so on point, and I seriously felt like I was in Disney Land! My mom couldn’t believe that she had all of her childhood favorites there! It seriously made the event a success! Thank you Lindsay Page, and all of the wonderful cast of glass slipper productions! I truly think you would be amazed at how many hearts you have touched, and how many smiles you brought through such a hard time!- Raini Hylton

Hospital Visits

 You were so kind to help me in May with getting a princess to the hospital for Callie's Birthday. I wanted to reach out and let you know that she got a heart and she truly believes it is because the princess left her pixie dust. She has been writing letters trying to make sure they get them so she can let Elsa know. It makes me so happy to see her believe the pixie dust gave her Magic-Tammy
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