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Magical Reviews

just like the movie

If you want great entertainment for your child's birthday this is the best experience to spend money on for a kids birthday party. Yesterday Elsa was at my nieces 5th birthday and she did an awesome job! It was like someone reached into the TV and got Elsa straight from the movie!- Matthew

best thing i ever did

Oh my! The best thing I ever did. For both my girls even though one is 17 Years old. She enjoyed it to. Thanks Elsa for bringing your beautiful heart and amazing love of children to the party. Thank you Glass Slipper- Jenn

worth every penny

Absolutely worth every penny! My daughter was so surprised as were her party friends! I'm certain the only way I'll ever be able to top this party is by taking her to Disney!!!!- Tristan

kind and patient

So glad we hired Glass Slipper Productions for Adylinn's 5th birthday! She is a SUPER shy kid and hid in her room when they got to our home. Wonder Woman and Spiderman were so kind and patient, they got her to come out and then they all had a great time. Even my grandma had to join in the fun-Danielle

so genuine

All the kids had so much fun, and parents too! Our little Frozen princess was in heaven and wouldn't leave 'Anna'! So genuine, great with all the kids, and smoothly went into one activity to the next! Completely made our daughters 2nd birthday a success! Lauren and Amy never broke character and really seemed to enjoy their time with us! If I could give 10 stars I would! Completely worth booking your next princess party with Glass Slipper!!- Stephanie

definitely hire

Glass Slipper Productions came out to our one year anniversary party. The girls were awesome, stayed in character, interacted with all the kids. If your little's are Disney Fanatics you should definitely hire Glass Slipper Productions to make their birthday part extra special!- Kim

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