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Terms and Conditions

Service Area

We are located in Summerville, SC, and serve party/event locations around the city of Charleston, SC.  We serve Summerville, Goose Creek, Ladson, Mount Pleasant, James Island, and Johns Island. 


We LOVE to accommodate outside our immediate area when available. Certain bookings will assess a travel fee. This fee will be assessed at booking confirmation.

* Summerville, Hanahan, Ladson and Goose Creek are covered in our package prices. There will be a $25 travel fee added for Mount Pleasant, Moncks Corner, Charleston, Johns Island and other areas.


Your Party Details

All bookings are done online. We do NOT take any bookings over the phone. First, please fill out the booking form on our website. Once you submit this form and pay the deposit we will contact you to confirm your party details. Your booking is not confirmed until you have heard from us.


If you submit a request and do not receive confirmation within 2 business days, please email



Your booking deposit secures your date and time for your character appearance. Any time slot stays open to all other clients until the deposit has been paid. However, if you make an inquiry and we don’t have the deposit from you we will do our best to reach you for the deposit before we book your time slot. 

The administrative deposit is non-refundable. However, In the event that we can’t accommodate your request, we will refund your deposit. 


Weather Conditions

For the safety of our performers in hot weather months, we require that ALL outdoor parties:

  • Provide a covered and shaded area for the performers.

  • Fans and water must be present.

  • If the heat index is too high we may ask that you secure an alternate location for the party. This would only be required if the heat index poses a threat to the performers as there is an added heat risk with the weighted costumes and wigs.

 For Fall/Winter months: Outdoor character appearances under a covered and shaded area are acceptable.  The performer may add pieces to their costume for outdoor winter events. 


Our characters cannot be placed in rain, mud, gravel, or within 30 feet of smoke. 


Booking Days/Times

We currently book for any day of the week starting at 9 am. Booking times are based on current bookings and performer availability.  

We have many actresses and actors that portray our characters. Please be aware that you may not receive the same actress/actor as pictured on our website or at prior events. Specific entertainers cannot be guaranteed. *Specific character requests may be made but are not guaranteed.


Performance and Routine

Your package includes all and only what is listed in the package details. Our princesses and character impersonators arrive already in costume and ready to entertain at your party and do not need any 'set-up' time beforehand. 


The character will call the phone number provided by the client upon arrival at your party/event only if it has been requested. The character will proceed to enter the house/area of the party/event at the scheduled start time.


We may bring an assistant that will help set up supplies, take photos, and answer any business-related questions. Please note that any photos we take may be used for advertisement/promotional purposes on our website or social media if you agree to the intake form.


The assistant is there to make the party run smoothly for you. They may take pictures which they can share with you. This is an additional service that you are not paying for. We don’t guarantee these pictures and the responsibility of taking pictures of your magical experience is your responsibility. 


Final Payment

The remaining balance due will be paid to the company anytime up to the day prior to your event. You may make payments anytime but the remaining balance MUST be settled the day prior to your event.


Child Supervision

Please remember during the appearance that your character performer is an entertainer ONLY and children should be supervised by parents at ALL times. 


Please make sure children are in no way damaging the character's costume or supplies.  If an assistant is present he/she will be helping with the children but this is not a replacement for supervising the children at your event.


Rights and Safety/Covid-19 Protocol

We are in no way responsible for any property damages or injuries among the children/guests during our appearance. 


Please note that we reserve the right to cancel any appearance due to unforeseen circumstances due to (but not limited to): Personal emergency, serious or contagious illness or injury of the performer or the performer's family, and inclement weather which may compromise our ability to get to your party safely. 


We have the right to leave any appearance at any time that we find to be unsafe. This includes but is not limited to any appearance where vulgar verbal remarks or physical gestures are made towards or in reference to the performer/assistant or any appearances where verbal or physical violence or crime of any kind is being witnessed/heard by the character/assistant.


 If having any other entertainment at your party please let us know PRIOR to booking with us.


Please note we reserve the right to cancel/depart any appearance at any time that we find is not in agreement with our Booking Info. and Terms, contract, and/or Entertainment Agreement.  



We follow this procedure in the rare event that we have an unforeseen circumstance occur the day of your event.

If the character cannot make your event we will work with you to get a replacement character for your event. The replacement character may be different than what you requested. 

Cancellations on our part (the day of your event) will provide you a FULL refund including your deposit and a FREE party with that character at a different time.


You will also be issued a FULL refund if the character we send to your party in unforeseen circumstances is different from the character you requested. 


After 9 years in business, we have only had to make a few cancellations. The safety of our performers and clients remains pivotal as we operate during the pandemic.



We are providing you with the highest quality children's entertainment that is available in this area. We ask that you tip your performers for the magic they have provided your family. Tips can be made in cash to the performers. Please walk with them out of the party if you are handing them cash. Tips can also be paid to the company and sent on to the performers. You may do this at the time of your final payment or after your party. 


Princesses and Characters We Offer

We offer the most authentic princesses in Charleston. SC.  Our princesses and characters are inspired by various sources including the original creators,  various interpretations, and they include unique traits that Glass Slipper Productions has created.  


*By booking a character appearance with Glass Slipper Productions, you confirm that you agree to all booking info. and terms regarding our princesses, characters, impersonators, guidelines, and all services and forms of children's entertainment provided to you at your party or event. Disclaimer: We represent fictional storybook characters of the public domain and are in no way affiliated with any major theme parks/brands and do not violate any copyright laws. Any likeness to copyrighted characters is not by design. Thank you!

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