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Royal Package

This one hour party package includes:


  • 1-7 Characters of your choice

  • Coronation ceremony and crown gift for the birthday child

  • An interactive story-time and autographed book gift for child

  • Singing & dancing

  • Games with small favors for each child

  • Craft

  • Photo Opportunities

  • Singing Happy Birthday


Royal Extended Package

This package includes all of the elements of the Royal party package with an extra 30 minutes for additional activities.

Use the additional time for:

  • Character assisted present opening time

  • Extra picture time

  • Additional games or jump castle time


Fantasy Fashion Show

This package includes all of the elements of the Royal package with an additional thirty minutes at the beginning of the activity set. 30 additional minutes prior to coronation ceremony include:

  • Dress up chest with 30 costumes to choose from. Plus 5 Ninja/ Super-hero costumes

  • Accessories to dress up in

  • Character led fashion show

Add some extra magic to your event by allowing the characters to help your little one and her guests get ready for their big moment.


Super Hero 

This package is 45 minutes and includes:

  • Superhero mask decorating

  • Superhero training

  • Tug of War and Ring Toss

  • Photo opportunities


Mermaid Packages

The Snow Queen, Rainbow Mermaid or Little Mermaid will arrive at your pool party in beautiful mermaid fins. They will conduct activities poolside as they flip their fins in the water. (Mermaids do not get all the way in the water) Includes:

  • An assistant

  • Coronation crown and ceremony

  • Interactive Story-time

  • Singing and dancing

  • Bubbles

  • Diving games

  • Photo opportunities


Mr. Mouse Experience

Mr. Mouse can't wait to meet you! This 30-minute magical experience includes a Mouseketeer assistant. Includes:

  • An assistant

  • Interactive Story-time

  • Singing and dancing

  • Photo opportunities

  • Singing Happy Birthday


Rapunzel Painting Party

A Rapunzel led painting party includes all of the elements of the Royal package plus: 

  • 8 canvases and stands

  • Paint supplies

  • Instruction on painting the canvas

  • Additional canvases available for larger parties.


Royal Ballerina

A one-hour party that includes all the

elements of our Royal Package with the

addition of a dance lesson segment taught

by your favorite characters in their dance costumes.​

*Character actors are professional dancers​


This package is PERFECT for the little dancer in your lives. ​

*Current characters available: Arabian Princess, Polynesian Princess, and Encanto Characters.


Dance Party

A one-hour rockstar party. Includes:

  • 20 inflatable microphones

  • Music

  • Dancing

  • Photo opportunities

  • Craft

  • Games

* Choose between Rockstar Barbie or Jo-Jo Siwa 


One-on-One Visit

A 30 minute visit with the character of your choice includes:

  • Coronation crown or superhero mask

  • Story-time

  • Singing and Dancing

  • Pictures

  • Singing Happy Birthday


**This package is limited to one child and siblings. Not for birthday parties.

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